Well what a big day it turned out to be - 6 eager cadets, who had been chomping at the bit all winter to get back out on the water promptly arrived before 10.00 am to find a surprise! -the new Fevas had arrived!

Last Thursday Alan quietly let the 2 new Fevas in to the compound and then he was off to see his latest grandchild and so Mark and Brian spent Saturday afternoon getting the boats ready for today.  Alan kindly also loaned his own Feva so that all 6 cadets (Euan, Tony, David, Gordon, Lewis and new member Guy) were out in the same class of boat and from their beaming faces on return they really enjoyed themselves. I did see at least one asymmetric up - well done guys! I can see some keen competition coming up this season in the racing.

However back to the main matter of the day, the Asymmetric Trophy. The sun came out, the wind got up and we all had a great day out on the water. Overall we had 19 boats out (this included 5 non asymmetric boats). The 6 cadets out in the 3 Fevas joined in the first race and managed to stay upright unlike one of the 3 vortexes… The wind certainly delivered making for excellent sailing and a few more capsizes (ok Crawf and I were one of them).

We were scheduled to have 5 races however, after the fourth race (when some people were convinced we had done 4 laps instead of the 3 we had been doing ) speaking personally, I thought it was just me (cramp down both legs) I was non to sure I could survive a 5th race, apparently everyone else was just as "knackered" (Crawf's word), even seasoned hill runner Chris said he was exhausted. So, Ray and Janet poured over the results and it was conclusive a fifth race would make no difference - after three years "The Master" had finally secured the trophy - although the Vortex man looked non too pleased with the picture of an RS Vision on it! But as I mentioned in a previous email Alan and Brian conceived and donated the "MV Asymmetric Trophy" - having won it last year, I think they were hoping to have their names on it once again but alas it was not to be!

So the results were:

1st Angus Winchester (Vortex)

2nd Brian Young (and various crew Douglas McQuilken and Alan Falconer) (RS Vision)

3rd Mike and Jamie McMillan (RS800)

No doubt the RS Vision will be upping the anti next year!

The actual second place went to Steve and Jules in a GP14 but since they weren't an asymmetric boat - no place was awarded but good to see non asymmetric boats taking part.

A really good turnout today and some great sailing. Many thanks to all those who turned up to assist with safety boat duties, much appreciated, especially one person who was en route to visit a sick parent. Also thanks to Race Officer Janet, assisted by Ray and Marion in the club house for all their help.

So just to round this off - yes I did miss the pontoon when coming back for lunch and ended up in the loch but then so did Chris when stepping back on to the RS200 - luckily no one other than our helms saw either of us, but I dare say it has made a good story circulating somewhere.


Published: April 2017