Windy or what? 15 boats took part in the Commodore's Trophy day, with the 4 cadets sailing 2 fevas doing exceptionally well. The rest of us had better watch out. The wind was somewhat stronger & gustier than the forecasts and were certainly challenging keeping the rescue boat people very busy.

Good to see 3 vortexes out, we are all now becoming very familiar at seeing the underside of a vortex - I think they were taking it in turn to investigate the murky water of the loch. 4 GP14s and 2 fevas, the mighty Vision, Enterprise, dart, laser, vago and mirror made up the fleet There were not many boats that escaped a capsize or two or three… during the day.

But I think everyone had a good time and most of people probably had a good night's sleep.

Unfortunately, we had a protest during race 3 which delayed the presentation process and by the time the matter was brought to a conclusion most people had left. A protest is a rare occurrence at our club but if someone lodges a protest we investigate.

Anyway the final results are below.

Winner: Angus Winchester

2nd: Arthur Logan & Iain Hardie

3rd: Steve Davison & Dawn Kyne

Congratulations as well to Fergus and Tony for coming 5th overall, that's quite an achievement, Euan & Gordon also did well coming 11th. I suspect Lewis was sorry to leave after the first race having come second with Donnie in a GP.

Very many thanks to the Race officers Janet, Jim and Janet; they had a fairly busy day, extra thanks to Janet G for staying to input the final results (lucky we both got home in time to see Poldark otherwise there would have been trouble) and to Marion for the food. Also thanks to those who so willingly took their turn in the safety boat, I think at one point there was actually a surplus of volunteers (ie it was that windy!).

Commodore Trophy Day

Published: July 2017