Phew.... we were unsure exactly how many boats might take part in this event but in the end we had 7 GP14s (5 club) and 6 Enterprises (2 club). The weather on Saturday was windy. I could say very windy and challenging but no one was deterred.

Once bacon rolls and Alice's delicious soup had been consumed, Angus gave the briefing and the boats set off towards Howwood for the starting line Three races were planned and 3 races were sailed, with some very tired people returning at the end of the 3 back to back races. But it was evident a good time had been had. Also particularly good to see 2 of our cadets crewing GP14s - well done to Hector and Tony. However, the water was particularly high after the recent wet spell and a visitor unfortunately misjudged his footing returning to the slipway and sustained a torn ligament - very painful - but a reminder to us all to take care when returning (and leaving the main slipway).

In the evening 24 of us enjoyed a very pleasant evening  at the Loch House Restaurant. However, there was much checking of weather forecasts… much more so than usual I thought - gusts of 40 mph were predicted…

So Sunday morning came brightish and very windy with racing due to commence at 10.30. More bacon rolls and Arthur's soup were on the go but by 9.45 there appeared to be little interest in risking damage to boats and the postponement flag went up. By 10.45 Angus was asking the assembled crowd what they wanted to do and the verdict was that no one was keen to race in the very windy gusty conditions, so the event was unfortunately brought to an early close. But the visitors, who hadn't sailed at Castle Semple before were unanimous in their praise for the hospitality offered by the club with definite pledges to be back for the next event, so very many thanks to everyone who helped to make the weekend a success.

The vital statistics:


1st: Arthur Logan and Ian Hardy (CSSC)

2nd: Alan Jones and Sue Watson (Bassenswaite)

3 :Duncan and Andrew Greenhalgh (Bassenswaite)


1st: Gerry Goodfellow and Roger Willoughby (St Mary's Loch)

2nd: Loz Young and Barry O'Sullivan (Tynemouth)

3rd: Douglas McQuilken and Pamela Hunter (CSSC)

Cadet prizes: Hector Wedderburn and Tony FitzGerald

Furthest travelled competitors: Maureen and Richard Denny (SESCA - Suffolk)

well done to everyone to took part.

Special thanks to Angus and Oliver in the Committee boat and Mark and Brian in the safety boat and Jan, Eleanor and Alice in the club house - great team work!

But in true Castle Semple style certain people were not put off and as soon as the prize giving was over the Dart was rigged and ready to go with Mark and Steve C and likewise, not to miss out, Brian's Vareo was also down on the pontoon. Brian was first off but whilst he was demonstrating his skill at keeping the boat upright, it was noticed there was no gybing and no kite to be seen. Then the Dart was off and halfway across the loch Steve was once again demonstrating his aerobic skills flying through the air and the Dart capsized in spectacular fashion (well usual fashion for them). Meanwhile the cadet numbers had now grown to 5 and they were definitely not deterred by the windy conditions so the ISO boys with the "Master" ie Angus at the helm were out, followed by Hector, Euan and Gordon in the toppers. Even when the conditions deteriorated they were not put off… despite a few inevitable capsizes.

So thanks again to all club members for their help to run this event, it cannot happen without you. Our sponsors Gael Force (it certainly was on Sunday- although no doubt Angus will disagree) provided great prizes for the competitors.

Thanks again everyone and hope to see you soon out on the water!

GP14/Enterprise Event

Published: June 2017