Well if you missed this afternoon you missed out on a very funny entertaining couple of hours. Despite the forecast, we had a good constant breeze all afternoon. 12 members took part in the team racing - 3 cadets, 3 ladies and the rest… (Steve D, Leo, Angus, Mike, Jon and George). I mistakenly misunderstood that Brian was not going to take part - but he was soon required although it involved undergoing a change of sex twice during the course of afternoon (we all knew when Brian was on the water… "up up, up..."), Oliver's dog Bonnie set sail in a topper then appeared firstly on Oliver's boat then on David's (Oliver's son, out in his Contender) and there seemed to be some sort of competition to throw people off the pontoon into the water at one point - amazingly not instigated by the cadets!

Once cadets Tony and Euan got to grips with the rules there was no stopping them, Jamie having raced the last time we held this event was already well versed in the tactics especially when racing against his father. Tony won the prize for the most aggressive action towards Angus (who failed in his normal obligatory capsize - this was provided by Jon and George instead.) Mike was the winner overall and thanked the club for being the most friendliest entertaining club in the whole of the UK, which was very nice of him. Dawn was the top lady.

Many thanks to Peter for managing the racing so efficiently - he is hopefully relaxing enjoying his well deserved bottle of vino! We only do this once a year but its a great break from our normal racing programme, fun for the spectators to watch and produces some interesting sailing tactics.

Topper Team Racing

Published: August 2017