As always a big thank you to all those who came along and helped and also to Leo with assistance from Ray for all the prep that was done beforehand to make it easier to achieve the goal today! The field is beginning to look very smart and orderly. However, if you were not down today I would urge you to go down and check that your boat is securely tried down in the field as it may well have been moved and according to the long range forecast I looked at earlier a big storm may be heading our way next weekend (just in time for the start of the Winchester Winter Pursuit Series when we all have sore heads from the Brown Bull the night before!).

Those who were not busy in the field or helping bringing in the buoys and washing them, were helping Duncan finally sort out the shed. This has made a huge difference and we can now actually see what is inside. All old sails have now been disposed of with a few going to members as spares. All the rudders etc have been sorted out and placed in their appropriate slot The lost property box still boasts quite a few nice tops - please check if you have lost something.

Thanks again folks and, of course, thanks to Marion for the food.

Autumn Work Party

Published: November 2015