Despite the forecast of very little wind, enough wind arrived in time along with a lovely blue sky! Although, due to the lack of wind at 11am we didn’t get a very prompt start but by shortly after 11.30 seven boats were launched and ready to go - Vortex, RS500, RS Vision, Xenon, Vago, Laser 2000 and 405. The first race turned in to rather a lengthy affair due to lack of wind and the second race was much shorter. After lunch it was agreed that 3 further shorter races would be done. Race 3 started well enough for everyone - 1 2 8 7 4 and there was enough wind for young Jamie in the RS500 to get out on the trapeze. The Vortex having had a lot of competition in the morning from the RS500 and Vago (Tom), led the pack determined to regain his usual pole position (Tom won the 2 morning races), leading round the final buoy 4 however as we all approached the finish we were all slightly mystified not to get a "toot" - it transpired Angus had gone the wrong way round the buoy and we were all disqualified! which just goes to prove you should always check the course yourself! Two further races followed without incident - well minus the tiller extension in the 405 - don’t know what Steve was doing with it, it had been fine whilst Crawf had been helming. Anyway after 2 races Steve's knees had had enough and he retreated back to the safety boat and Crawf returned.

Somewhat later than we would normally finish a cup day everyone returned after an excellent start to the cup events.

And the winners were...

First - Tom Kelly - Vago
Second - Angus Winchester - Vortex
Third - Steve Cochrane and Ross McGlennon - Xenon
Fourth - Mike and Jamie MacMillan - RS 500
(with Jamie also being the youngest participant)

Well done to everyone - and special thanks to Elizabeth and Jan for being Race Officers assisted by Steve D who also did safety boat and Crawf (both trying to escape sailing with Dawn in the 405!) and of course to Marion and crew in the kitchen.

Asymmetric Cup

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Published: 5 April 2015