When I looked back to this event last year being the first year we had held an asymmetric cup day (although we have still to acquire a cup.....) it was obviously a lovely sunny day with enough wind. This year it was one of those mornings when you really consider whether to get out of bed or not. In fact a nameless GP sailor told me earlier on in the week that he was going to the pub rather than sail - so be it he must have had advance notice of the weather.

So initially there was no wind and racing was postponed, several people volunteered for rescue boat duties - surprise surprise. Eventually a few boats went for a "drift" before returning to the clubhouse for an early lunch. Stan took the opportunity to give the assembled masses the benefit of his wisdom (see below).

By 12.30 it was agreed that the wind had got up sufficiently to warrant a race although by this time, last year's winner Tom had given up any hope of wind and volunteered to do rescue boat. So 7 boats with asymmetrics and a N12 set off for the first race.

Due to the late start we were anticipating only 4 races but Race Officers, Doug and Pam somehow managed to squeeze in a 5th short race. Although the Vortex was first through the line for most races he wasn't far enough ahead of the RS 500 and MV2. Race 3 saw multiple turns being done at buoy 2 after several too close encounters. Several wind shifts caused problems during more than one race once the courses had been set

Many thanks to Tom, Iain and Crawford for safety boat cover and Elaine for all her work in the kitchen. Also especially to Pam and Douglas for acting as race officers - after Jon (I now sometimes get wet when I capsize) Hasler in his Vago insistence earlier in the week that his handicap in the winter series was wrong (resulting in Angus questioning whether his Vortex should have a revised light wind handicap) - there was some discussion about the final results.

Eventually, Brian Young and Alan Falconer (RS Vision) were declared the winners with Mike and Jamie McMillian in the RS500 joint second with Angus Winchester in the Vortex.  And the aforementioned Jon Hasler 4th (with Tom as crew,after his numerous capsizes in the first 2 races, for the final 3 races) - even managing a first in race 5!

Thanks to everyone for coming along and making the best of what initially looked like a naff day.

Asymmetric Cup Day

Published: 4 April