Well the wind certainly couldn't make up its mind today - it was described by one seasoned sailor as "mental". I do not actually recall hearing anyone say they enjoyed their sail today, I think it was more question of survival. A total of 14 boats took part during the day - although 2 hadn't signed in so did not receive a "toot" at the end.

It wasn't long into the first race i.e. before buoy 2 that trouble struck - 3 boats over - plus the N12 having a close encounter and ending up somewhat low in the water necessitating an extended picnic stopover to empty the boat, which I understand also happened to the Enterprise later on in the day. By Race 2 - two boats did not take part, Ross McG had a lot of trouble with his laser and had dropped out of the first race. At lunch Ross W decided he was wet enough inside his dry suit and Iain Hardy was quickly brought in as a replacement but it wasn't long before he too was swimming with Jon. Only Angus was brave enough to risk a asymmetric. No spinnakers were seen.

The 3 races after lunch were 1 lap each and more capsizes followed, with several retirements. Leo and Tom had a busy time in the safety boat. By the end of the afternoon everyone had been in the water (or very close to it) even those people not normally known for their exploration of the bottom of the loch.

No doubt the Pedal the Park spectators enjoyed watching the entertainment.

The winners were:

1st Angus Winchester - Vortex
2nd Arthur Logan and crew - GP14
3rd Brian Young and Alan Falconer - RS Vision

Many thanks to everyone who came along today, to Tom and Leo in the safety boat, Jim and Jan and Jan for Race officer duties and all those who supplied food and helped in the kitchen.

Cucina Minucci Cup

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Published: 26 April