Another one of those days that starts when you really think you should stay under the duvet,however 8 boats, including 2 vortexes (or is it vorti?), 3 GPs , Dart, N12 and of course one mustn't forget the MV2 took part in the racing - a select few - "creme de la creme" of the Club it could be said. However plenty of entertainment was provided by Steve C in his latest acquisition i.e. a Vortex - it has been rare to see the underside of a vortex but Steve demonstrated this several times before deciding enough was enough. To be fair, he is still getting used to the boat and I am sure it won't be long before he is keeping up with Angus. Of course no race day would be complete without an incident with the MV2. Brian was apparently doing his usual tactic on the start line and somehow managed to end up sandwiched between the hulls of the Dart - well that's the polite way of describing it I think. Very well done to cadet Gordon sailing with Steve D in a GP for surviving the 5 races - bet he sleeps well tonight!

The "boys" had decided that it was about time the barbecue came out so lunchtime saw Steve C living up to his nickname of "BBQ Steve" fully in charge, though the smell of the cooking must have drifted over Lochwinnoch to Chateau Stan's way as he soon appeared to check out the burgers.

A huge thank you to all those who provided food today - so much food - even from those not able to attend - thank you Ben for your brief appearance! However as usual members did their best with it. Many thanks to those who helped with the safety boat too. Good to see John Storrie down again too.

I have to put in a special mention to Callum Simmonds for all his assistance and organisation and grass cutting activities. Many thanks to Janet G, Janet and Jim T for all their race organisation and Eleanor and Lorna for help in the kitchen. Jim kept them all to time - i.e. 11am start means 11am start.

The rain only made a brief appearance and the wind I think was fairly constant, with the sun appearing just as the racing finished. With Peter being away there was no chance for him to challenge Angus's name not appearing on the trophy again… so finally - the winners were:

1st Angus Winchester: Vortex

2nd Arthur Logan & crew (Fraser Logan & Iain Hardy): GP14

3rd Brian Young and Alan Falconer: RS Vision

Well done everyone.

And very finally a special thank you to Oliver for all his help at the end.

Commodore’s Cup
17 July 2016

Published: 17 July