Ah well we may as well give up reading weather forecasts after today. Forecast from several different websites was for very little wind all day. Well the wind came from this direction and then that direction and was up and down like a yo yo all day. But obviously it was the day for the lesser spotted GP14s to make an grand appearance (Spring must be in the air!) and make up nearly half the fleet taking part today… 4 GP14s in total plus another 5 boats at various times plus of course Stan in the cruising section. The GP sailors must have had access to a different forecast to be out in force like that as it was definitely a GP wind type of day.

Since Jim and Janet Tytler and Janet Gordon were organising the racing we started pretty promptly around 11. Almost instantly the wind decided to come up nicely and then change its mind about which direction. However, Mike and Jamie MacMillan in the RS500 were soon out in front with Peter Collings and Hector Wedderburn in hot pursuit which was the pattern for most of the races, however, unfortunately the RS500 couldn't quite gain enough of a lead to beat the GP on handicap. A fifth short race reaffirmed that Peter and Hector were the winners.

So the eventual winners were;

1st - Peter Collings and Hector Wedderburn (GP14)

2nd - Mike and Jamie MacMillan (RS500)

3rd - Steve Davison and Jules Whitestone (GP14)

Very well done to Hector (aged 12) taking part in his first full day of racing and with Jamie only a year older - clearly competition is coming up from the cadet section - very well done to you both!

Very many thanks as always to Marion and helpers for organising the kitchen and Alice for her soup and Arthur (oops slight accident with his soup making but still delicious - very nicely packaged in supermarket tubs - but much appreciated!) and of course all those who helped out in the rescue boat. I don't actually recall any capsizes today but I could be wrong.

Good to see George and Morag out in their new boat and various other members down at the club house today.

Cucina Minucci Cup

Published: 24 April