What a fantastic weekend for us, although we didn’t end up with many visiting boats - it’s the quality not quantity that counts as Paul said.

Good easterly wind and plenty of warm sunshine and an enthusiastic, supportive, and welcoming group of club members, thanks to everyone who came along to help. The visitors all 7 of them were unanimous in their praise for the club's generous hospitality, especially the 2 visiting enterprise boats who hadn’t been to Castle Semple before / for some years. And late on Sunday afternoon Oliver had a captive audience falling off their chairs at his stories.

There was a good easterly wind on Saturday afternoon and since not a lot was forecast for Sunday we did 4 races on the Saturday. However, our luck was in and the wind held for our 2 races on Sunday morning. I am sure Paul/Arthur will be writing a more technical report for the GP association, so I won’t comment on how many times Steve and I beat Paul and Ann… or which enterprise capsized on Saturday…

15 of us had a great evening in the Loch House on Saturday night and since Paul was present plenty of banter was flying about.

The winners were:


1st - Alan and Sue (Bassenthwaite)

2nd - Arthur and Iain

3rd - Steve and Dawn (yes I was sailing a GP but please note this not mean I am converting to GPs!))


1st - Colin and Marie

2nd - Peter and Rachael

3rd - Doug and Pam

Many thanks to O'Neills of Paisley for arranging the engraving of glasses.

We owe a huge thanks to our sponsors Gael Force Marine for supplying prizes of 2 x £100 vouchers, 2 x £50 and 2 x £20 - amazing - the winners were quite overwhelmed - many thanks to Avril for securing these - you may have a job for next year! Alan said he would make a donation to charity.

Also thanks to Duncan for organising an entertaining raffle at the end - which managed to raise over £35. and also many thanks to Ben for drawing the winning tickets. I hope he enjoyed his weekend at the club, because we certainly enjoyed having him there.

GP14/Enterprise Travellers Weekend

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Published: June 2016