Well, after the postponement flag was raised at about 10.15 due to a distinct lack of wind and various people had resorted to grass cutting again - we are going to have the best manicured field in Lochwinnoch at this rate! - by around 10.45 the wind had picked up enough for the flag to come down and a rush to get boats in the water in time for the 11am start.

Not that many takers today but we managed 8 boats - 4 GPs (largest number seen for a while), Xenon, "Mighty" Vision, Solo and N12. A fair amount of boat swapping resulted in 11 helms registered for the the 5 races - including for the final race a lady helm - Katie Hall sailing in a GP who managed to go from last (after having done turns) to first position - very well done Katie. I know it was hard for Arthur to admit he had been pipped at the post by a female - and in a GP at that!

Jon Hasler was recorded as the person having sailed in the most number of boats, but he should have stuck to Plan A and stayed with Peter. A recorded first came from Brian - heard to apologise across the loch (for sneaking up behind Katie on starboard) - in fact he said it twice in case no one had heard!

The wind just about managed to stay for the 5 races, with 2 races before an excellent lunch and a further 3 races in the afternoon. A dull day for people in the rescue boat as the wind was not enough to cause any trouble, but the sun shone nearly all day which was a pleasant surprise after Saturday's damp encounter.

Thanks to everyone who so willingly took turns in the rescue boat, to the race officer and various assistants and everyone who helped in the kitchen.

The final results were:

1st - Graeme and Katie Hall (GP14)

2nd - Peter Collings (with various crew) (GP14)

3rd - Arthur and Fiona Logan (GP14)

Thanks again to everyone who came along to support the event.

Ian Brown Motors Cup

Published: 13 September