Well, things didn’t exactly go to plan today ie the wind was somewhat stronger than forecast, but still, 10 boats started the first race -including 4 cadets in toppers - Hector, Tony, Fergus and Lewis, well done guys - plus Angus (Vortex), Brian and Alan (MV2), Mark and Steve C (Dart), Arthur and Fiona (GP14) and Leo & Steve D lasers. A short course of 3 laps was set but unfortunately by the end of the first race several boats had retired (including the Vortex (broken gooseneck)) and the only GP (Arthur and a rather cold looking Fiona) but well done to Tony for finishing.

By the time of the second race starting only 4 boats were left - Steve D (laser), MV2, Dart and Angus (in a hastily rigged club laser). At buoy 2 an incident occurred involving all but Steve D . There were various reports of what happened, naturally it was nothing to do with the MV2 (!) but it seems that the Dart sheet caught the laser I think resulting in Angus doing 2 360s. No doubt I will be promptly corrected if I am wrong!

By lunchtime head race officer Jim was indicating that he thought things should be halted before any more damage was incurred as the forecast was for strengthening winds.

So a somewhat short race day but thanks to the race officers and those who provided some very welcome food.

From the 2 races after some consultation with the computer the winners were:

1st Brian Young and Alan Falconer (RS Vision)

2nd= Mark Simmonds and Steve Cochrane (Dart)

2nd= Steve Davison (Laser)

Ian Brown Motors
25 September 2016

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