Here’s a reminder about our Shortened Course procedures

Courses may be shortened at any mark of the course by two sound signals and hoisting IC Flag “S” as the lead boat approaches the new final mark before the finish.

The lead boat should round the new final mark in the direction stipulated by the course and then sail towards the finish taking the most direct route through the line passing between number 1 mark and the gold mast. For the absence of doubt the finish will never be a ‘hook round’ number 1 mark.

In the event of a shortened course the finish line may not necessarily be in the same direction of the full course finish line.

Consideration should be given to sending out the safety oat with IC Flag “S” to sit by the last buoy before the finish to ensure that boats which may be too far away to hear the sound signals are in no doubt that the course has been shortened.

Shortened Course…

Published: 31 July