The event itself was very well supported with 16 eager people taking part. This may have been slightly more than had been anticipated but Peter split us all into teams and a fun afternoon was had by all, with much jeering from the spectators and needless to say many cries of protest, starboard and "up up up" the latter from Brian coming from the water. Despite his "Men in Black" shades as disguise B14/Vortex man Angus was still easily recognisable and managed his now obligatory capsize in a topper before crossing the start line eliciting a large cheer from the pontoon.

At one point Duncan was attacked by a passing laser (member of the public) crossing our sailing area, Crawford apparently managed to sail over the top of Brian's boat and the 2 cadets were very aggressive in their tactics. There was generally much bumping and cries of starboard etc at the start line and Peter assisted by Avril kept a keen eye on proceedings demanding turns be done when necessary.

Final results were :

1st: Team G - Crawford and Mike: 100% Wins, won grand final
2nd: Team E - Brian and Niall: 100% Wins, lost grand final
3rd: Team D - Angus and Jillian: 75% Wins
4th: Team H - Jon Hasler and Jamie: 50% Wins
5th: Team A - Arthur and Dawn: 25% Wins, Beat C
6th: Team C - Alan and Steve: 25% Wins, Lost to A
7th: Team F - Stephen and Duncan: 25% Wins, lost to A and C
8th: Team B - Mark and Jules: 16.66% Wins

Top female helm: Jillian Bellew

Very well done to Cadets: Jamie McMillan and Niall Taylor

Best capsize : Angus Winchester

According to Peter - Crawford was the most successful individual, averaging 1.2 points per race, and leaving Mike to do all the hard work!

Many thanks to Isla for a delicious chocolate cake excellently decorated with CSSC logo which was eagerly consumed after the racing, (I believe a repeat order has been put in for a couple of weeks time!)

Thanks too to all those who helped moving buoys etc and provided extra safety boat cover.

Topper Team Racing 2015

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Published: 16 August