As ever a huge thank you to all those who came along today to help in such splendid weather. I know most people were itching to be out on the water but we knew there were jobs to be done. Many thanks to Leo for all his work in making the rest the tie downs and also the lettering and numbering for all the rows in the field - we now have a very organised field compound and thanks to Ray for organising the cement etc. Whilst holes were being dug for the tie downs, earth was being carted away ready to be filled with cement later and the "boys" were busy organising the boats. Boats were moved out and the grass cut underneath. In fact it seemed grass cutting was going on all day…

NB if you have not sailed your boat during this season (ie the tell tale grass growing underneath it) or we are aware that even at this late stage in the year your fees are still outstanding, your boat may well have been moved to the far side of the field. The Committee recently agreed that those old club boats which were really past the stage of being worthwhile to be repaired should be advertised on gumtree etc to be taken away - if any member wants one to take away - use as decorative flower bed or sink as a pond (yes it’s possible to do it my father has done just that and it looks very attractive too), please let us know and you can take away.

Meanwhile down at the new slipway Jon was busy organising a team making the area more user friendly for boats and sailors. I understand that even though young Tony was desperate to be out on the water he was an excellent worker with the team. The slabs which were procured earlier in the year for free from an unidentified location by Jon (no clue there as to where that might have been) were put to good use fingers crossed they stay in place. It certainly looks much more usable and neater now. A lot of heavy work was done there today.

CSSC Work Party

Published: October 2016